Flood Restoration


Flood Emergency Response In Melbourne

Flood Emergency Response is subject to a contingency surcharge and is defined as any service that requires an immediate response at a rate per responsive vehicle.
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Carpet Flood Restoration In Melbourne

Floods in your home can cause severe water damage. In the event of a pipe failure or damage from a natural disaster, our certified water restoration.

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Structure Drying Services

When your commercial or residential property sustains flood damage, it is important to dry and dehumidify the structure.

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Water Extraction & Drying In Melbourne

The first step in a water damage Restoration operation is to extract all accumulated water and dry the surface. Westside Flood

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Flood Mitigation Services In Melbourne

If a place has been hit by a flood, storm or plumbing problem, handling immediately after a flood is a top priority. But that’s not all you need to think about.
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Timber Floor Drying

We often complain about the lackluster or unkempt appearance the wooden decking can have, and we wonder why. The answer is simple

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Concrete Floor Drying

Concrete floors give a unique look to the home. At Westside Flood services, we offer an excellent cleaning and drying service for the Concrete floor. Read More

Sewage Cleaning And Hygiene

The sewage spill is one of the most unpleasant things a home or business owner can deal with. Read More

Fire Smoke And Odour Control

1st in Emergency Call Your priority in the event of a fire is to get yourself and your family out of the structure. Read More

Water Damage Restoration In Melbourne

If water from a natural disaster or plumbing failure penetrates a construction site, which must remain dry, this water can cause major infrastructure problems. Read More