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Sewage Cleaning And Hygiene In Melbourne

Sewage Cleaning & Hygiene Services

Dealing with a sewage spill is undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant situations a homeowner or business owner can face. This type of flood, often referred to as “black water” or Category 3 water damage, presents serious health and safety hazards. It requires the expertise of trained professionals who can effectively clean and remove all traces of sewage water damage. Renowned for flood damage restoration in Melbourne, 7starwestsideservices offers comprehensive sewage treatment services, meeting all your needs. We understand the urgency and sensitivity of such situations, and handle sewage cleaning and hygiene with utmost care and efficiency.

Understanding Different Categories of Water Damage

When it comes to sewage water damage, there are generally three categories, each indicating different levels of severity and potential hazards. Sewage-related floods typically fall into the more serious categories, requiring immediate attention and specialised treatment.

Category 1 Water Damage: Also known as “pure water,” this type of damage poses minimal risk to human health. It includes incidents such as supply line breakage, sump overflow, equipment failure, or pipe breakage. In most cases, the affected building materials can be naturally dried without significant health concerns for the occupants.


Category 2 Water Damage: Commonly referred to as “grey water,” this category presents a moderate risk of contamination. Examples include toilet flushing, washing machine drain backups, or drain pump failures. When dealing with Category 2 floods, certain materials may need to be removed and dried, followed by disinfection to eliminate potential health issues.

Category 3 Water Damage: Known as “black water,” this is the most severe and hazardous type of flood. Category 3 floods encompass sewage backups, flooding from rivers or groundwater, and even seawater intrusion. In these cases, all affected materials must be promptly removed, followed by thorough drying and crucial disinfection steps to eliminate any health risks.

Choose 7starwestsideservices for Efficient Sewage Treatment

Addressing sewage water damage promptly and effectively is vital to ensure the safety of your property and those residing or working within it. At 7starwestsideservices, we have the knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced technology to quickly and efficiently purify sewage, disinfect affected areas, and restore the hygiene and safety of your property. Our dedicated team can also help you with carpet water extraction and carpet drying using advanced techniques. 

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